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Foundation and Future"
Tax Consulting
Tax Planning
The goal of tax planning is to arrange
your financial affairs to minimize your
tax obligation. The three basic ways to
reduce your taxes are:

  1. Reduce your income
  2. Increase your deductions
  3. Tax advantage of tax credits

Our approach to assisting with your tax
planning is

  1. To provide a customized strategy
surrounding your needs, goals and

  2. To analyze your income source

  3. To ensure you receive every
credit and deduction that your
company is entitled.

  4. To study investments that will
assist with your company's wealth
Are you aware of the many tax obligations
for business owners? Are you confident
with your current tax situation? If not, you
may greatly benefit from the assistance of
a consultation. With Terrell Tax & Planning
as your tax advisor, you will be secure in
knowing that your business:

  1. Is setup correctly
  2. Is current with ALL tax obligations
  3. Is aware of investing opportunities
that will greatly benefit for years to come.

Our approach is to provide an one hour,
in-depth conversation, discussing where
you are as a company with your financial
recordkeeping system and taxing
foundation and where you should be.  

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appointment today!
The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax - Albert Einstein
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