Company Values
Taxes are one of the certainties of life and
business. Tax preparers generate and file tax
returns based your income & financial records.
They review the documents for accuracy and
determine whether tax credits and deductions
are applicable to the taxpayer. At Terrell Tax &
Planning we get you back more & we get it
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Bookkeeping is the process of financial
recordkeeping, this includes updating and
maintaining accounting records. We are
mobile and use accounting software to
handle your entire companies books or just
specific accounting tasks if needed. With part
time or full time hours we are here when you
need us.   
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Our services are backed by an Iron Clad 4
part Guarantee:

1. We promise to always provide "First
Class, Unrivaled Service
" through
continued education and professional

2. We promise to always provide "
" to ensure deadlines are
met or exceeded, we will go
above and beyond without
sacrificing quality.

3. We promise to always provide
Customized Service" that
gives the client what they  
need, with service
packages tailored for
your business.

4. We  promise to provide a
Professional Atmosphere"
and "
Positive Outlook" that
encourage success.  

Don't Go At It Alone, We Stand With You
That's Our Guarantee!
Contact Us: (404) 720-4232
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TT&P in the News
Many companies are not sure what tax status
best fits their needs, how to accurately complete
employer forms or which tax credits or
deductions apply to them. That is where the
expertise of a tax consultant helps, we set you
up properly, correct current tax issues and stop
new ones from arising.
As your tax advisor we
fill the gaps between your current tax situation
and your desired one.
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"Helping To Mange Your Financial
Foundation and Future"
Tax Course & Quickbook Training
Do you always feel uncertain about your
business finances? Those receipts, invoices,
vendor files and bills won't just go away nor will
they put themselves into a accurate accounting
system. If hiring a Bookk
eeper isn't an option
than let us train you on maintaining your own
accounting system. For mor
e on our training
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